FIPA : Forum Ilmiah Pendidikan Akuntansi

The proceedings contain papers in the field of accounting science and education that have been presented in Forum Ilmiah Pendidikan Akuntansi or Scientific Forum on Accounting Education (FIPA). This forum not only contains paper presentations, but also seminars with competent speakers in accounting and education. FIPA is held twice a year on March and September by HIMADIKSI (Accounting Students Association Students) under the auspices of Accounting Education Study Program, Universitas PGRI Madiun. Its focus and scope include financial accounting, accounting management, public sector accounting, accounting information system, auditing, taxation, accounting sharia, entrepreneurial accounting, banking accounting, innovation in accounting learning. This Proceeding already has ISSN number: 2337-9723. For more information about FIPA schedule and info, please contact at or Event documentation can be viewed here.

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