Ruly Rahmawati, Nasrul Rofiah Hidayati, Sri Utami


This study aims to determine the diversity of medicinal plants in the pine forest of Ngrayun Village, Ponorogo Regency. This research was conducted in May until July 2018 which was conducted in two regions, namely the Telulikuran area and the Tumpaklego area. The Telulikuran area is an area that is at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level with an area of 700 m2. While the Tumpalego Region is at an altitude of 1000 masl with an area of 500 m2. The total area of the two forests is 1.2 Ha. The study was conducted with explorative techniques, and observational descriptive research methods. The description obtained is identification of morphology and types of medicinal plants found. Data collection techniques are carried out by direct interviews and observations in the field. Data analysis techniques from the identification results are presented qualitatively qualitative and calculate the index value of the obtained medicinal plant diversity. The results obtained were 22 species of medicinal plants from 12 orders and 6 habitus. Habitus with the most common species is herbaceous habitus consisting of 8 species. Whereas the lowest species are found in the habitus of bamboo and lianas as much as 1 species each. The highest diversity index value is found in the Telulikuran Region, plot 1 is (H '= 1.77). Whereas the lowest diversity index is located in Tumpaklego Region 3, namely (H '= 1.01). The diversity index is included in the medium category.

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