Rydho Bagus Pratama, Septian Dwita Kharisma


In the era of MEA which has now entered the Indonesian region. It is characterized by competition between countries in the region both in the areas of social, economic, political and cultural. These conditions should provide impact the societal conditions. Especially the issue of the declining quality of Indonesian society both in terms of culture, morals, character and identity. In addition, in certain conditions can cause various social problems in the country, especially among the younger generation today. Example is particularly concerned at the moral decline of learners. This can be evidenced by the occurrence of student brawls, lack of respect and a sense of harmony on ethnic or other groups that are different, and often encounter conflicts between ethnic groups, tribes, different religions and mutual trust among certain population groups. Some examples of these circumstances is one form of the concept of multiculturalism. When the understanding of multiculturalism is not interpreted properly, it is possible root causes of conflict will be prolonged. Especially for future generations who tend to be confronted with the problem of disintegration. Preventive action is needed and one of them is the nationality oriented multicultural education. National awareness necessary to build moral integrity for the learners. Implementation is through a model of cross-cultural dialogue, a documentary film about the diversity of cultural conflict, the introduction of religious tolerance, develop mutual understanding among the peoples and others.With their early preventive measures against moral degradation of the nation is required to create a strong resistance tolerance. The idea of multicultural education that is packed with the provision of material in a variety of perspectives expected nationality as the capital for the sake of achievement of social harmony.


education; multiculturalism; nationalism; moral; MEA

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