Poetry by Plane Method in Learning Writing Poetry in Primary School Students

Rizmada Azzahra


Literary learning activities in elementary school students refer to the activities of storytelling. As for the literary works of poetry is still less intriguing students. Therefore, learning poetry writing requires the right method of delivery so that students are motivated to be able to write poetry well. This research is intended to provide an overview for elementary school teachers in particular regarding a new method called Petetry by Plane method. In this study described the results of the analysis of previous research that has been published about student interest in the competence of writing poetry. In addition, the data were also obtained from interviews with teachers. From the data, it is known that the competence of writing elementary school students is still lacking. It is caused by a monotonous learning method, the attitude of students who still can not find the right diction in writing poetry. Based on these facts, in this research is presented a new method that can be applied in learning to write poetry in elementary school. The Poetry by Plane method is effective to be implemented in the classroom, requires student and teacher creativity, also fun for student learning atmosphere. In this method, students write poetry alternately in a piece of paper that formed aircraft, then flown according to teacher instructions to the accompaniment of music. After writing poetry, students are guided to edit so that good poetry is produced. Teachers as operators and facilitators are required to be responsive and active so the atmosphere of classes remain conducive and learning objectives can be achieved well.


Poetry by Plane Method; Learning to write poetry

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