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The development of lending in this study is the number of credits, BRI Unit Teguhan District of Paron Ngawi in 2010 - 2014. The objectives to be achieved is to analyze developments in the provision of credit to the BRI Unit Teguhan District of Paron Ngawi 2010-2014. This type of research is qualitative descriptive. A resource in this study is the Head of Unit and 2 Account Officer (AO). Collecting data using the methods of documentary and interview methods supported. The analysis of the data using the model of Miles and Huberman. It is concluded that the provision of credit to the BRI Unit Teguhan District of Paron Ngawi been progressing in a positive direction. That is an increase from year to year during the period 2010-2014. Increased lending to the BRI Unit Teguhan District of Paron Ngawi also followed the development of bad credit problems that must be faced. Total debtors at BRI Teguhan District of Paron Ngawi also always increase during the period 2010-2014. While the results of observation found that the tight competition is the main obstacle for increasing loan. AO existence of banks and financial institutions are scrambling competitors seeking debtors in the region of BRI Unit Teguhan make AO BRI Teguhan trouble finding the debtor. As for suggestions that may be filed: (1) It should be increased the number of BRI Unit Teguhan AO in order to overcome the competition with banks and other financial institutions but still with sound judgment according to the needs and conditions of the working area. Thus the entire potential of crediting will be well served by BRI Unit Teguhan. (2) BRI Teguhan need to evaluate the work of each AO in order to know the advantages and disadvantages in offering credit to borrowers. The results of this evaluation can be used as a material consideration to provide sufficient knowledge for AO in the face of the debtor as well as a reference for decision-making to continue or terminate the employment contract AO. (3) BRI Unit Teguhan need to increase promotion in giving credit to the debtor. Various facilities and ease of loans the company needs to be disseminated to the public as a prospective borrower so that the potential of getting debtor will also be improved.

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